Who we are?

Taxenbach Legal offers comprehensive support in areas of law relevant to business.

Our lawyers are experienced experts who combine knowledge of the law with experience in its application in business.

Transactions, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, relations between employers and employees, functioning on a competitive market – all these aspects of business activity require skilful consideration of legal issues. Our lawyers are experienced experts who combine knowledge of the law with experience in its application in business.

The goal of the Taxenbach Group is to support our clients in running a business by providing real-time services, tailored to individual needs and in a proactive form, offering solutions before a question or problem arises.

As a consulting company providing comprehensive services, we support clients at every stage of their development. Do you want to work in our team?

How are we doing?

We know the specificity of the industries in which our clients operate

TAXENBACH’s success is based on the high quality of its services and people. Our capital is the knowledge accumulated by employees. We treat each client individually. We create interdisciplinary teams of specialists. We use modern solutions

At TAXENBACH, we ensure that all employees are adequate conditions and opportunities for professional development.

We develop their unique skills and let them gain experience that will help them build a better future and become the leaders the world needs.


Our team of lawyers, legal advisors and tax advisors constantly cooperates with statutory auditors, accountants and HR and payroll specialists. An interdisciplinary approach and sensitivity to customer needs mean that we approach each issue with commitment, trying to find an optimal and practical solution as soon as possible.


Constantly changing legal and tax regulations and the growing uncertainty of the tax position mean that more and more people seek support in the field of tax law. TAXENBACH tax advisors are prepared to ensure tax security and know solutions that guarantee business stability.


We have many years of experience in providing services to companies representing various sectors of the economy. We provide services for companies from the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises sector, which gives us a unique opportunity to cooperate with a wide range of entities on the market. Our value is a team of highly competent professionals.


By entrusting TAXENBACH with the provision of payroll services, the client gains access to qualified specialists who inform on an ongoing basis about changes in the field of insurance, labor law and personal income tax, important from the point of view of payroll policy and its adaptation to the changing requirements of the labor market.


Taxenbach provides an innovative, high-quality audit that builds market confidence and confidence. We provide audits of financial statements of enterprises by creating teams that solve the most complex problems, we implement the latest, high-quality control tools and technologies.

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