By entrusting TAXENBACH with the provision of payroll services, the client gains access to qualified specialists who keep them up to date with the changes in insurance, labour law, and personal income tax that are relevant to the payroll policy and its adaptation to the ever-changing requirements of the labour market, as well as cost reduction, continuity of service, timely and compliant payroll calculation, and a guarantee of payroll confidentiality.

    Our services:

    • Calculating and preparing payrolls for full-time employees taking into account variable components, non-monetary benefits, dues towards the Employee Capital Plans/Employee Pension Plans, accounting for absences and other events affecting monthly remuneration and statutory liabilities;
    • Calculating the remuneration of the management staff (members of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board);
    • Accounting for civil-law contracts (e.g. mandate contracts, specific task contracts, management contracts);
    • Preparing pay slips and reports for employees about the basis for social and health insurance contributions;
    • Preparing monthly statements for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON) (including annual IWA and PFRON declarations);
    • Administering the payer’s data through the ZUS Electronic Services Platform;
    • Preparing payments or payment instructions for the payment of salaries and statutory liabilities;
    • Preparing annual information on income and advances for personal income tax (PIT-11, PIT-4R, IFT-1R);
    • Preparing the certificates on the salary earned and ERP-7 certificates;
    • Calculating allowances and benefits from the Employee Benefit Fund (ZFŚS);
    • Preparing reports for the Central Statistical Office (GUS);
    • Registering the employer in the Social Insurance Institution as a Social Insurance contributor;
    • Registering employees/contractors for the purposes of social security and health insurance;
    • Registering family members of employees/contractors for health insurance;
    • Preparing reports for accounting and management purposes;
    • Contacting the client’s auditors, the Social Insurance Institution and tax authorities, including supporting during tax inspections and inspections by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and National Labour Inspectorate (PIP);
    • Providing ongoing support in responding to queries raised by the client’s employees concerning the settlement of salaries and benefits related to the employment relationship;
    • Providing access to the Comarch HRM platform;
    • Managing the Employee Capital Plan programme via an online platform of a financial institution selected by the client or Comarch PPK.

    TAXENBACH provides administrative and HR services, in line with the Labour Code requirements, to companies located throughout Poland, in Polish and English, as part of short- and long-term projects, in the form of a comprehensive package or selected services.

    Our services:

    • Preparing employment contracts, mandate contracts, and specific task contracts in co-operation with the client and in line with the requirements prescribed in the Labour Code and the Civil Code;
    • Maintaining personnel records of full-time employees (as required by the Labour Code) and documentation on matters related to the employment relationship;
    • Monitoring the need to update preventive medical examinations and carry out OHS training;
    • Recording holiday leaves and other absences from work;
    • Preparing changes to the terms and conditions of employment;
    • Preparing documents connected with the termination of employment;
    • Notifying of changes in legislation related to the HR documentation requirements.

    As part of the provided services, we also offer an audit of HR and payroll processes, including, among other things, the review of personnel records and documentation.