Ignorantia iuris nocet – not knowing the law is harmful. The law firm TAXENBACH LEGAL KOLLAR-RYSZARD provides comprehensive legal assistance services to domestic and foreign clients. Our team of advocates, legal advisors, and tax advisers regularly collaborates with chartered accountants, accountants, and HR and payroll specialists. With our interdisciplinary approach and sensitivity to our clients’ needs, we approach every issue with commitment, striving to find an optimal and practical solution as quickly as possible. Our fields of expertise cover, among other things, comprehensive support for family businesses, including legal and tax succession.

TAXENBACH LEGAL KOLLAR-RYSZARD provides all-embracing support in key legal areas, such as reorganisation, expatriate secondment, negotiating and drafting contracts, representation before courts and authorities. Our lawyers are experienced professionals who handle each task being oriented towards a positive outcome and in a manner comprehensible to the client.


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    The company law is an area particularly close to our hearts at every stage of activity, both in day-to-day operations and in the context of restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, or liquidations.  We provide full corporate service to businesses in Poland and internationally, e.g. through establishments of foreign entities in Poland or foreign establishments of Polish companies. With the ever-increasing number of entities interested in the co-operation with us, we collaborate with specialists from the United States, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, and other countries.


    In the era of new labour market trends, support in the area of labour law requires the interdisciplinary competence of lawyers, tax advisers, and HR and payroll specialists. Thanks to our co-operation with the TAXENBACH accounting and HR and payroll department, we stand out for our particularly practical approach to employee issues, which we not only analyse and design but also implement and apply on an ongoing basis.

    We prepare any documents related to employment, internal labour acts, to name a few regulations, employment and secondment policies. We are committed to employment models that are satisfactory for employees and employers.

    As part of the so-called ‘retirement tourism,’ we help to develop a desired model of retirement security for residents from all over the world.


    Every industry sometimes face situations that are resolved through a court dispute. Providing our clients with comprehensive service, we also offer them representation before common and administrative courts by an experienced team of legal advisors, advocates, and tax advisors. What’s more, we participate in conciliatory proceedings aimed at the amicable resolution of a dispute, which often turns out to be the most satisfactory, and definitely faster, solution for both parties.

    Our domain is the support of parties and participants in commercial criminal proceedings, in particular criminal and fiscal cases.


    We provide ongoing support related to all legal and tax aspects of real property. In the area of real property, our services cover the preparation of any documents in the transactions involving acquisitions and disposals of real property, the analysis of the legal status of real property (the so-called due diligence), the legal service for development projects and the renewable energy industry. We also assist foreigners interested in acquiring and using real property located in Poland.


    Preparing contracts is our day-to-day activity that is expected to strengthen the client’s contractual position. We negotiate and draft domestic and international contracts covering virtually all issues, to name a few investment agreements, licence agreements, construction contracts, asset and IP transfer agreements, in particular for US entities.


    We participate in every investment stage related to renewable energy projects.  We support both investors, contractors, and purchasers of energy generated from renewable sources. We provide comprehensive support to entities of the energy sector, both from the operational and strategical point of view, among other things, we support them in planning and implementing undertakings involving renewable energy, conduct due diligence, negotiate and draft agreements related to RES project transfers.