With the ever-changing legal and tax regulations and the increasing uncertainty of the tax position, more and more people are seeking support with tax law. The TAXENBACH tax advisors are prepared to provide for tax security and know the solutions to guarantee business stability.


Our experts provide a full range of services in the area of tax law, supporting taxpayers in the face of constant, dynamic changes.


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the TAXENBACH team is able to provide top-quality tax advisory services.

Our tax practice includes, among other things:

  • tax planning and modelling,
  • conducting tax and tax and customs audits and proceedings,
  • representing taxpayers before tax authorities and administrative courts,
  • ongoing day-to-day business support,
  • tax advice related to restructuring and new investments in Poland and abroad,
  • compliance.

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    Goods and services tax (VAT)

    Our tax experts provide all-embracing advice on goods and services tax (VAT). As we co-operate with accountants, the consultancy moves into the implementation phase – thus, we provide comprehensive service, from the analysis to the application in practice.

    What is more, we conduct numerous audits and tax proceedings to examine the correctness of VAT settlements.

    As regards VAT, we also provide ongoing tax review services and monitor the correctness of settlements, the so-called compliance.

    Excise duty, customs duty

    At Taxenbach, we advise on how to meet the customs and excise duty obligations. We help to determine the tax consequences connected with international transactions – export and import, which inherently involve a duly conducted customs procedure.

    We determine and put into practice the excise tax implications resulting from the carried out undertakings, among other things, related to the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.


    As the area of transfer pricing is subject to dynamic changes, the related obligations have to be monitored on a continuous basis. Our experts provide assistance in the preparation of tax documentation, benchmarking, or compliance analysis, and also in the development of specific reporting obligations concerning transfer pricing.


    Our specialists help you take advantage of available tax reliefs, to name a few R&D relief, robotisation relief, prototype relief, innovative employee relief, expansion relief, and IP BOX.

    As the application of a particular relief has to be preceded by due preparation, we help to choose the optimal solution, lay out the appropriate scenario indicating the necessary steps, and to prepare the documentation and accounting processes necessary for the safe application of tax reliefs. We support taxpayers also at the stage of inspection by the tax authorities regarding the correctness of the application of tax reliefs.


    Income taxes are an integral part of any business transaction, and with the ever-changing CIT and PIT regulations, it is essential to monitor the tax implications in this regard. Our experts provide for tax security by:

    • ongoing tax consultations in the area of CIT and PIT,
    • conducting tax audits and proceedings,
    • tax planning and restructuring on a domestic and international basis,
    • monitoring changes and proposing new solutions,

    Our day-to-day activities include legal and tax support for domestic and foreign entities. We analyse the tax implications of foreign payment transfers in various types of transactions involving goods and services, to name a few in the area of withholding tax, permanent establishment, CFC.

    We also assist with international succession proceedings and change of tax residence.

    We have many years of experience in preparing requests for tax law interpretations related to, among other things, international aspects of tax law.


    We provide comprehensive tax advisory services in the course of tax inspections and proceedings. We represent taxpayers at every stage of their contact with the tax authorities, both during explanatory activities, customs and tax inspections, as well as in tax proceedings, and at the stage of administrative court proceedings. By actively participating in the activities carried out by the tax authorities, the client strengthens its position in the proceedings and the application of optimal legal measures.

    Our domain is the support of parties and participants in commercial criminal proceedings, in particular criminal and fiscal cases.


    The areas of our activity also cover local taxes, including comprehensive support with property tax. We help to determine the object and scope of property taxation correctly, including by classifying the relevant property as a building, structure, or construction structure.  We support taxpayers in the preparation of original notifications as well as during the tax liability. We represent taxpayers before local authorities, seeking to determine the optimal scope of property taxation.


    TAXENBACH is a family-owned company that provides services to family businesses with special understanding. We support multi-generational entities in Poland and abroad, providing for their safety and anonymity. We help structure the process of succession or early transfer of assets, taking into account the personal preferences of taxpayers.

    We support taxpayers in the transfer of assets to designated persons by providing comprehensive legal and tax advice by, among other things, establishing succession administration, analysing last wills and testaments and agreements with financial institutions, and implementing and monitoring specific solutions.